Controllership Accounting & Taxes specializes in providing part-time or contract controllership services to small and medium size enterprises (SME’s).

What are controllership services? 

Well established, entrepreneurial companies recognize that successful growth requires the ongoing guidance and quality services a high-end controller can provide. Many companies, however, are at the level that only needs these services part-time. Outsourcing controllership duties is a solution for SME’s that want to grow but are not yet ready to hire a full time controller. Our principal accountant is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and as our client you will benefit from the many advantages that our extensive knowledge and experience bring to the table. Utilizing the best and proven strategic management and accounting tools, we will work with you to chart a unique formula that will lay the foundation for the strategic, effective management and growth of your organization, while sparing you the unnecessary expense of a full-time, high-level financial person. 

Controllership functions:

  • Preparing financial statements (monthly/quarterly/yearly)
  • Preparing the "year-end"
  • Designing and implementing Management reporting system
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Management discussion and analysis
  • Developing an annual operating and capital budgets
  • Monitoring adherence to these budgets
  • Analyzing financing options: operating and term loans vs. leases
  • Analyzing payroll benefit burden
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Government reporting – HST/WSIB/Payroll
  • Review of your bookkeeper’s work
  • Ongoing accounting support, including business advice to the owner
  • Compilation and year-end Financial statements
  • Filing Corporate tax returns>

How do controllership services work?

Typically, time is scheduled on regular bases. We can meet weekly or monthly. Both the owner and your accounting staff know the date and time we will be at the company's office. The owner and staff set aside documents (such as tax forms, HR forms, governmental inquiries, bank inquires, etc.) and have these documents ready when our accountant arrives at your office. 

Your bookeeping staff has deadlines to meet in order to prepare for our visit. Our job is to review their work, make corrections, reconcile books, prepare monthly/quarterly/year-end financial reports and analysis of the business and then communicate information to the business owner(s). Through customized financial reports, accurate analysis and innovative solutions we create value for our clients enabling them to march towards achieving their financial goals.

An important component of our approach is that we take the time to understand your business, focus, directions and goals. Working closely with you, we define the directions necessary to attain your short term and long term goals.

What About My Current Accounting Firm? Do I Have to Change my Accountant? 

Absolutely Not! 

We simply act as your in-house controller for substantially less than it would cost you to hire a full-time professional. We provide your current Accounting firm with top-quality accounting information to prepare your tax returns. Because the information is prepared right the first time, your year-end accounting and tax fees should be reduced!

For advisor you can trust to get results you need, contact Controllership Accounting & Taxes at:

905-572-5234 or e-mail us at info@controllershipaccounting.ca